Psycho Escape is out on iTunes,Google Play & Amazon!

06. 30. 2015


We've got awesome news! Psycho Escape made by Room 8 Studio is exclusively available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon! 


Your phone rings. You pick it up. A deep and strong voice says that he’s coming to get you. He knows who you are, where you are, and follows your every action. You don’t know who he is. What will you do? Close all the…

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Piano City is featured in Only on the App Store!

06. 23. 2015


Our social music game Piano City is once again honored by the App Store and added to featuring Only on the App Store in 62 countries, including Russia, Ukraine and Israel for our new update - Summer Sound Holidays!


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Piano City - Memorable Summer Holidays is live!

05. 22. 2015


Great news! New Piano City - Memorable Summer Holidays update is already available on iTunes! 

Summer holidays are coming and we're glad to share them with our beloved Piano Citizens!

This time we decided to make gaming experience better - added new unique options and exclusive stuff, as:

- 2 new…

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Hellgate Escape is live on Google Play & iTunes!

05. 15. 2015


Awesome news! Hellgate Escape made by Room 8 Studio is available for downloading on Google Play and iTunes!


Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? Well… Welcome to Hellgate Escape, a place where devils and demons rule. No one has ever escaped this place before, many mortal souls have remained here forever. Chamber of tortures, Hell children's…

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Amazing Breakout is out on Google Play and Amazon!

05. 12. 2015


We're glad to announce that new escape quest made by Room 8 Studio - Amazing Breakout is available now on Google Play and Amazon!


Locked in a Museum - you'd better escape before you become an exhibit yourself...
You've decided that evening is a great time to visit a museum. Being the only visitor in a huge building is really great, but there's…

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Escape City is live on Google Play and iTunes!

05. 10. 2015


We're glad to announce that Escape City made by Room 8 Studio is out now on Google Play and iTunes!


City controlled by a criminal gang.
Until recent events this city was quiet and peaceful. A ruthless gang rules this city, bribing politicians and cops and selling drugs on the streets. In Escape City you’re…

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WARNING! Clone detected!

04. 27. 2015



 We detected suspisious activity from CLONE of our official site placed on and were informed that people get emails about possible partnership with links on it.

For right now, we don't suggest…

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Wild West Escape is out on Google Play & Amazon!

04. 24. 2015


Great news! We're happy to announce that Wild West Escape made by Room 8 Studio is live on Google Play and Amazon!

Are you brave enough? In this Escape game you will travel to the Wild West - the land of adventures, feats, Indians and, of course, bandits. Visit the places you've only seen in movies: taverns, Indian camps, mines and the great frontier. Will you be able to…

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Can You Escape & Pirate Escape on new platforms!

04. 22. 2015


We’re happy to announce that Can You Escape & Pirate Escape made by Room 8 Studio are live now on new platforms - Windows and Windows Phone!


We're very excited to start working…

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Can You Escape - Island is out on Google Play and App Store!

04. 08. 2015


We're glad to announce that Can You Escape - Island by Room 8 Studio were released on Google Play and now became available on App Store!


If you think that this island is deserted, then you are mistaken.
You were thrown on the island shore after surviving a terrible shipwreck. Now you need to find a way to get out…

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Piano City - Easter Holiday Music Festival is finally here!

04. 02. 2015


We have wonderful news for you! Piano City - Easter Holiday Music Festival is available now on iOS!


By the way, we added 5 Music Halls and 50 new melodies, 5 more samples. We took into account requests of all our players and made a perfect game for everyone.



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Time Travel Escape is live on Google Play & iTunes!

03. 20. 2015


We are happy to announce that Time Travel Escape is live on Google Play & iTunes!



Time Travel Escape is a first game in the series that lets you travel not only through space, but through time! 
You will visit Ice Age, ancient Japan, Middle Ages, Napoleonic Wars and more. Break codes, solve puzzles and use all your logic to escape!

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Paranormal Escape is live on Google Play!

03. 12. 2015


Great news! Paranormal Escape by Room 8 Studio is live on Google Play!



Shhh….it seems we are not alone.
Welcome to the world of paranormal and unexplainable! If you ever thought that monsters or ghosts are fictional and the only place where they could face them are books, now you will have…

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Cyto's Puzzle Adventure is featured as #11 in Best New Games in over 60 countries!

02. 20. 2015

Cyto's Puzzle Adventure was featured by the App Store in Best New Games category in 68 countries! Cyto's Puzzle Adventure was also honored with a banner in Games category in Russian region!


If your friends didn’t play Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure before - it’s a great chance to dive into it’s atmospheric world! In addition, we've updated the game a little bit and fixed all of the previous…

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Game Connection development awards

02. 13. 2015

Wonderful news for all Piano City lovers!

Piano City was nominated as the Best Mobile/Tablets and Best Casual game of 2015 by GameConnection!


Best Mobile/Tablets game nominees:


- Hitman GO (by Square Enix Montréal);

- Epic of Kings (by Dead Mage);

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Piano City - Spring Music Festival is finally here!

02. 11. 2015

Only one month left before the end of winter. Christmas is long gone but the New Year is here. It’s not a mistake, you’ve heard it right - Chinese New Year is here! Therefore we want to present you the Piano City - Spring Music Festival.


In Piano City - Spring Music Festival you’ll take a dive into the Chinese culture. It is worth mentioning that…

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Escape From Work is now availaible on the App Store!

02. 05. 2015

Great news for all Escape fans who play it on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Escape From Work is now availaible on the App Store. If you still can't decide your future career, then Escape From Work is what you need. The game is divided into 15 different rooms, each belongs to a person of a certain profession. Step by step you will take the role of each profession and may even find the one that suits you. 

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Room 8 Studio at Casual Connect Amsterdam 2015

01. 20. 2015

Dear partners!


Room 8 Studio is planning to take part in Casual Connect Amsterdam 2015 that will be held from 4th to 6th of February. If you’re going to attend as well, we would be glad to see you at Casual Connect and discuss any ways of possible cooperation.

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Cyto is featured on Google Play!

01. 19. 2015

Cyto's Puzzle Adventure was featured on Google Play Home Page in 39 countries! We would like to thank all of our new players for their support!

In addition, we've updated the game and fixed all previous bugs. Now Cyto's Puzzle Adventure supports devices running on Android 5.0 Lollipop.


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Pirate Escape is out on Google Play and App Store!

01. 12. 2015

We are happy to announce that Pirate Escape from Room 8 is now live on Google Play and the App Store!


Ahoy, captain!
We’ve been plundering these seas for ten years, being the most successful crew in the Caribbean. But a rat has betrayed us, and we’ve got captured. But no landlubber can hold a pirate! Time to Escape, captain!
Welcome to the Age of Piracy.…

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Purchase your Steam version bundle with Cyto on IndieGala.

12. 23. 2014

Great news for all Windows and Mac users! We’re happy to announce that right now you have an opportunity to get Steam version of Cyto in an IndieGala bundle. If you haven’t played Cyto before but always wanted to try - it’s your best chance!

Be sure to get your bundle before price increases and enjoy our puzzle game that…

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Piano City has got a Christmas-themed update!

12. 12. 2014

The new Christmas update has been released for Piano City, that is called "Piano City - Christmas Star Music Festival".

We have been working very hard to finish the update. The 25th of December is close - so we’ve added some christmas mood to the game. 


Let's take a peek and see what new is waiting for us in Piano City…

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Escape From Work is released on Google Play and Scary Escape is now availaible on the App Store!

12. 10. 2014

We're happy to announce that Escape From Work has been released. If it’s hard for you to find the job of your dream, maybe Escape From Work will help you with this task. Try to solve every puzzle and get out from a house with 15 different rooms. Remember that if you get stuck in any of the rooms you have found the perfect job for yourself. But if in the end you’ve…

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Scary Escape is out on Google Play!

11. 28. 2014

We are happy to announce that Scary Escape from Room 8 is now live on Google Play! In this Escape all of your worst nightmares become real. This time you are trapped in your dreams and the only way to get out is by overcoming your fears, finding clues and solving a lot of innovative puzzles. Dare to play the most fearful Escape in your life!

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Piano City in Hi Tech News on Kiss FM

11. 14. 2014

We’ve got wonderful news for you!


Piano City was featured by the ukrainian Kiss FM radio program called “Hi Tech News”, which airs on weekdays and highlights the most important trends in IT sphere. “Hi Tech News” told about the latest success…

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War Escape and Can You Escape 3 are released on Google Play!

11. 06. 2014

We're happy to announce that today we're releasing two new games at Google Play! First game is a well-liked Can You Escape saga - Can You Escape 3. In this episode you will have to find a way out of 15 different mysterious rooms, each room belongs to a unique character and offers a breathtaking challenge. Second one is War Escape, where you find yourself trapped in a military bunker…

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Piano City has got a Halloween-themed update!

10. 23. 2014


Today, the new Halloween update has been released for Piano City, that is called "Piano City - Halloween Magic"!


Dear Piano City Citizen, in order to preserve your current progress please LOGIN TO FACEBOOK before you update to this version! In case if you haven't done so or if you experience any kind of progress loss issues - please use feedback form to report about your…

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Bank Escape and Horror Escape are out on Google Play!

10. 07. 2014

We're happy to announce that the 3rd and 4th Escape games from Room 8 are now live on the Google Play! 


Horror Escape

Dare to enter the abandoned asylum full of scary locations? If you think you are smart enough to face this challenge and solve all the…

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Piano City - one of the Best Games of September!

10. 06. 2014

Our social music game Piano City was once again honored by the App Store and listed as #5 in Best Games of September collection. Thanks to this, Piano City is now #1 music game in 112 countries!

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Both of our new games - Popcorn Party and Piano City are featured by the App Store

09. 30. 2014

Both of our titles released last Thursday are getting some Apple’s love. Piano City and Popcorn Party are featured in Best New Games category!

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Piano City - Small featuring banner

09. 30. 2014

Piano City was honored with a small banner on iTunes main page! We would like to thank Apple and all of our new players for their support! We’re getting lots of support e-mails with the words of gratitude - that makes us feel that we’ve done the right thing!

Thanks to the banner, more than 200,000 pianists came to our city!

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Piano City is featured as #8 in Best New Games in over 100 countries!

09. 26. 2014

Piano City is now featured as #4-8 in Best New Games in over 100 countries!
More and more pianists are visiting our city today, and we hope they will like it! Stay with us - we've got a lot of awesome stuff coming in future updates.


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Room 8 Studio launches two games simultaneously - Piano City and Popcorn Party!

09. 25. 2014

We are happy to announce that today we are releasing two of our new games worldwide simultaneously! The first one - is Piano City, a first social music game with officially licensed tracks! Second one is an innovative puzzler Popcorn Party, published by DeNA.

Both games are now available worldwide, you can check them out now!


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Cyto is featured in Steam's Casual Category

09. 01. 2014

Cyto has been featured in Steam's Casual category. Now more Steam's casual players are aware of our puzzle game and are able to dive into the cute and microscopic world where Cyto lives. Oh, and hey - we bet some of your friends haven't played the game. Spread the word! ;)


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Room 8 Studio is trying to escape the room in real life...

08. 29. 2014

...and succeeds!

After releasing Escape Quest - the first project of the series of "escape the room" games developed by Room 8 Studio, we went to an "escape-room" in real life - Locked.

After solving diverse puzzles, conquering different…

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Room 8 Studio at Gamescom 2014

08. 29. 2014

Last week the biggest european video games conferences was held in Cologne - Gamescom 2014. And we, Room 8 Studio, couldn’t miss it!
Attending in the business zone gave us a ton of new acquaintances and new partners.

We’re always in…

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Piano City is released as a soft launch!

07. 18. 2014

Today we're happy to announce that Piano City is being released in Russia as a soft-launch!

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Cyto is now available on Steam!

07. 13. 2014

We're glad to announce that our debut game "Cyto" is now available to the millions of Steam users all around the world!

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The time for Popcorn Party has come! Popcorn Party is released as a soft-launch!

05. 21. 2014

Yay! Let’s party! “Popcorn Party” has been released as a soft-launch today in three countries: Philippines, Canada and United Kingdom.

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Cyto is featured in the App Store once again!

03. 23. 2014

App Store continues to show it's love to our cute little Cyto. Cyto's Puzzle Adventure was featured in the App Store in "Popular Puzzlers" and "Sci-Fi Games" in more than 120 countries! Cyto proves that he is still awesome!

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“Riot Runners” are on the run!

03. 07. 2014

Our award-winning game Riot Runners was released on 13th February, 2014 and started to conquer the hearts of endless runner fans!

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Piano City became one of the stand-out games at the Very Big Indie Pitch by Pocket Gamer

01. 28. 2014

Our latest game Piano City was mentioned as one of the stand-out games of the Very Big Indie Pitch event that took place last week

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Prometheus and Riot Runners in SlideDB's Top 5 Upcoming Apps of the Year!

12. 27. 2013

Two of our current projects in development - Riot Runners and Prometheus got into Top 5 Upcoming Apps

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Cyto's Puzzle Adventure for Android

12. 21. 2013

Great news for all the Android users! The wait is finnaly over. Cyto's Puzzle Adventure for Android is now live in the Google Play Store!

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Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure is featured in more than 100 countries!

11. 14. 2013

What a surprise! We are excited to find Cyto being featured by Apple in Best Games You’ve Never Played, Huggable Heroes and Best Puzzlers categories

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Riot Runners wins Indie Prize Award!

10. 30. 2013

Last week we've attended Casual Connect Kyiv, that was also the host of Indie Prize Showcase. Over 25 game developers were showcasing their games and competing for Indie Prize Awards.

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Cyto's Puzzle Adventure Has Received Mac Store Editors' Choice!

10. 24. 2013

We are very excited to let you know that little Cyto man now breakes into the Mac Store and has just been featured as an Apple Editors' Choice in all the Mac Stores worldwide!

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The Developer's Day

09. 30. 2013

On 13th,September we celebrated "The Developer's Day", combined with "The QA's Day" and "The Designer's Day". The working day started for everyone in a very positive, as there was a joyful panda with Fortune Cookies meeting us at the entrance.

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Vote up for Cyto at Steam!

08. 23. 2013

Hey everyone, we have some good news here - Cyto's Puzzle Adventure is coming to PC and Mac and we really need your help.

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Riot Runners featured by Apple

07. 18. 2013

#2 game in New Arcade Games category on the German and Canadian App Store

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Volleyball games

06. 19. 2013

We hate using cliches here at Room 8, but what else do you call it when you really do like to work hard & play hard? We’ve developed a strong tradition of heading over to the Aquamarine Recreational Center

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International Blondes Day

05. 31. 2013

Most of us know the moniker that ‘Blondes have more fun’ but it’s a lesser known fact that there’s actually a full-on international holiday celebrating

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Spring team building

05. 18. 2013

We think it’s a crime to spend the whole summer inside an office, regardless of how comfy it may be (we at Room 8 have a very comfy office indeed). To remedy the situation we threw an outdoor corporate event dedicated towards team building and all out fun.

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Riot Runners soft launch

05. 07. 2013

Meet Riot Runners - a new game, developed by Room 8 studio! Riot Runners is an atmospheric runner with stylish steampunk design, offering unique game mechanics!

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Cyto's Puzzle Adventure continues

05. 02. 2013

Miss playing Cyto yet? Than we have great news for all our fans – a whole new amazing world in Cyto's Puzzle Adventure is ready to be explored!

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Ping Pong competitions in Room 8

04. 26. 2013

Fun is serious business! And nothing is more fun than friendly competitions in Room 8. This time we held a table tennis tournament right in our office.

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Cyto retro movie

03. 26. 2013

Cuto update is coming out really soon! And while it is still on its way, you can enjoy this retro-style video featuring one of the first versions of the game. Just compare it with the final one =).

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International Women's Day at Room 8

03. 08. 2013


At a beautiful spring day before the International Women's Dayour friendly team honored all the girls of Room 8. In the morning girls were greeted with beautiful tulips and charming compliments. And in the evening everyone enjoyed small office…

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Enjoy watching Cyto Gameplay trailer.

02. 21. 2013

Amazing, huh? Game is available on the AppStore on 21st of February, 2013!

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New Year celebration 2013. Meet the superhero team!

01. 02. 2013

Over the last year we've done a great job and earned the opportunity to hang out in one of the best night clubs of Sevastopol. Well maybe we didn't save the world but everyone has a right to feel like a superhero for a bit.

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Сyto won a "Best Future Game" award

12. 12. 2012

Atmospheric mobile game about an incredibly cute hero Cyto starts to collect first awards even before its official release. At the conference Flash GAMM that took place in Kyiv on 8th December 2012, Cyto was nominated in three categories for "Best game", "Best Hooligan game" and "Best future mobile game". Our game won a prize in the last one but acknowledged by the jury at all of them.

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Meet the team: Tekken 6 tournament!

11. 05. 2012

Who says that working process should be boring or quiet? Here, in Room 8 office we don't think so. During October 2012 we held a championship for an awesome fighting game "Tekken 6" among the studio staff.

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Team spirit rising high

10. 01. 2012

In Room 8 we think it's important to establish healthy and friendly connections inside the working team. So, in late September we were raising our team spirit and enjoying the sunny day in the wild woods.

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09. 11. 2012

We invite you to our Play Test Session! Citizens of Ukraine who use Apple devices or those who desire to use them are invited for an open play test of the games we develop. You can try your hand on our creations before their official launch. Your feedback can influence the final release of the game – the developers will be happy to know your opinion.

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